A2L Item 208

Goal: Hone the concept of electric field

Source: 283-340 Where is E zero near a dipole? 9/21

other than at infinity, is the electric field 0 in the vicinity of the
dipole shown?

  1. Along the y-axis.
  2. At the origin.
  3. At two points, one to the right of (a, 0), the other to the left of (-a,
  4. At two points on the y-axis, one below the origin, one above the origin.
  5. None of the above.



(5) Students have a lot of difficulty distinguishing electric field from
potential. Students already exposed to the concept of potential
frequently respond that the field is zero along the y-axis. If there are
many confused students, before identifying the correct response, it
helps to have the students draw the field lines.