A2L Item 154

Goal: Distinguish distance traveled from displacement

Source: CT151.2-1

Andy has the following series of displacements: 3 m to the right; 4 m to
the left; 5 m to the right; and 2 m to the left. What is his distance

  1. 0
  2. 2 m
  3. 2 m (to the right)
  4. 2 m (to the left)
  5. 14 m (to the right)
  6. 8 m (to the right)
  7. Impossible to determine
  8. None of the above



(8) Students just learning about vectors and displacements are
inclined to over specify quantities. Before they knew anything about
vectors they used distance as a scalar but can become confused and give
it the direction of the total displacement.